the next 130 years

Constructed with a 1950’s world in mind, the current YMCA building at Patterson St. is no longer a viable headquarters to serve nearly 20,000 facility visits per month, nearly 14,700 individuals and families annually, and upwards of 500+ youth daily.

Our vision for the next 130 years begins with the construction of a new and modern Y facility at the corner of Hilyard and 24th (the previous Roosevelt Middle School site). This new flagship location for the Eugene Family YMCA will serve as an organization-wide headquarters. The Hilyard YMCA will provide a new home for a growing membership, but also will house the operations and offices for the programs reaching our entire community. A substantial portion of the new Hilyard YMCA will offer public space available to the entire community to socialize, watch their children participate in programming and exchange ideas. 


Expanding our reach

The new Hilyard YMCA is just the start of our vision. Eventually, pending community demand and support, we anticipate the creation of additional “branch” locations to serve new neighborhoods. The Eugene Family YMCA has already established a land lease agreement for a parcel in West Eugene (at Bethel Community Park) with the City of Eugene for the first of these potential new branches.  



tennis expansion

An additional component of our vision is to expand our current Tennis Center on Patterson Street. Once we move into the new Hilyard YMCA a few blocks down the road, our commitment to the local tennis community will grow with the addition of two more indoor courts. The current YMCA building will be demolished to make way for these new courts and the remaining land will be sold to financially support our vision at Hilyard, Bethel and beyond.