Silver & Fit allows me to give to the Y

Norma Grier turned her insurance membership benefit into a monthly donation to the Eugene Family YMCA because the Y has meant so much more than a fitness gym to her.

“If you stick with the Y, you go through births, deaths, wellness and sickness together,” Norma says. “The support is just profound at the Y.”

A Eugene YMCA member since 2001, Norma used to regularly attend a 5:30 p.m. workout class to relieve the stress from her job as the head of a local nonprofit.

In 2005, Norma was diagnosed with Stage 3 uterine cancer. Other members of her workout class showed up at the hospital after her surgery, uplifted her when she lost her hair from chemotherapy and celebrated her return to her regular routine.

“I developed this strong sense of community in my class,” Norma says.

Now, 14 years later, Norma is delighted that she can give back to the place that not only supported her personally, but also nurtures children and teens, helps older adults regain their health and offers financial assistance to those who aren’t able to afford afterschool care or memberships.

She got the idea to make a monthly contribution to the Y from a fellow pickleball player who also receives a free membership through her insurance company.

“The Y has so many tentacles that reach out into the community—and there are many programs that the monthly donation can go toward,” she says. “I encourage all of the members on Silver and Fit to consider signing up for a monthly donation.”

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