Sometimes a triggering event can upend your world.

Sometimes a triggering event can upend your world. For Lauren, a long-time Y member, it was a divorce 13 years ago that left her a single parent of two young children, without child support, working two jobs and trying to earn a college degree. Unable to find support for her kids, she turned to the Y. Your Y offered Lauren financial assistance so that her daughter Abby, then 7, could attend afterschool care, and Isaac, then 2, could attend pre-school.

Your contributions to the the Y's financial assistance program bridged the gap for Lauren and her family. After a year, Lauren finished her special education degree, and immediately found work as a teacher. Lauren explains, "I don't know what I would have done without the Y's help - my family's story could have been so different."

Looking back, Lauren says, "The Y has been a multi-faceted support system. It's helped me grow as a parent and community member, and my kids have all benefited from the youth programs - they are all civic-minded from growing up at the Y."

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